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Copyright registration

About This Plan

File copyright before anyone else does.!

Types Of Copyright Price Action
Sound Recording12,999Pay
Artist Work16,000Pay
Literary Work12,000Pay
Movies/ Cinematographer20,000Pay

Services Covered

  • File for Copyright
  • Documented Follow-up
  • Business hours Support

Note - Price and conditions may change basis discussion with client.

Who Should Buy

Who want to get copyright.

How It's Done

  • Purchase of Plan
  • Allocate a specialist
  • Get copyright registered
  • Time - depends on case to case

Information Guide

Documents To Be Submitted

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What is Copyright Registration?

Copyright registration can be obtained for original works of art, literature, books, music, films, cds and computer programs. It covers the following -

  • Literary works such as books, literature, technical drawings, computer programs, computer databases.
  • Musical works or Audio Visual work.
  • Artistic works including logos, photographs, pictures.

What is the Term of Copyright ?

Copyright registration is valid for 60 years plus life time of the author/artist who created the work.

What are the Advantages of copyright registration ?

1. By registering your copyright work, you create a public record of your work and a concrete proof that you are the owner of the creative work.
2. If someone copies your work, you can sue them for copyright infringement
3. Copyright owners have the exclusive right to either do or authorize the doing of any of the following -
  • To reproduce the work in any material form including the storing of it in any medium by electronic means.
  • To issue copies of the work to the public not being copies already in publication.
  • To perform the work in public, or communicate it to the public to make any translation or adaptation of the work.
  • To sell or give on hire, or offer for sale or hire a copy regardless of whether such copy has been sold or given on hire on earlier occasions.